The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Why Visit a Travel Doctor Before Going on Holiday

by Roberta Craig

Before you plan a holiday, you may want to include a visit to a doctor, and not necessarily your family doctor. A travel doctor can be a better choice for getting the information you need to stay healthy while on holiday, as they may know what things might concern you while abroad and what information can keep you especially healthy. Note a few reasons to visit a travel doctor before going on holiday and how they can help you overall.

Physical exam

A routine physical exam can tell you if you have problems with your back, joints, heart, and so on, but these problems may not be an everyday concern if you aren't putting undue pressure on your joints or your cardiovascular system throughout the course of a regular day. However, if you plan on doing any hiking, climbing, or other such activity while on holiday, you may be at increased risk for an injury because of a preexisting condition.

You may also find that your heart or lungs are not strong enough for certain activities, even things like water skiing or hiking and especially for scuba diving, mountain climbing, and so on. If you have high blood pressure or another such condition, your travel doctor can note if that too would become dangerous during certain activities on your holiday, even though you may be managing the condition during your everyday life.

Vaccinations and boosters

Depending on where you're planning to travel, you may want certain vaccinations or booster shots to help strengthen your immune system. If you're traveling to a foreign country, there may be certain outbreaks of viruses or other such health risks that you don't face in your home country and for which your immune system is not prepared. A travel doctor usually knows those risks for various locations around the world and can recommend what vaccinations or boosters you may need.

Local area doctors

A travel doctor may be in touch with other travel doctors around the world, meaning those who specialize in treating foreigners in the country on holiday. If you need to know an English-speaking clinic in another country or have a clinic that is aware of special health concerns you have while you travel, your travel doctor can usually give you a list. A travel doctor may also be readily available to such doctors in case you have a medical emergency while on holiday, and can provide those local doctors with the information they need to ensure you get proper treatment.

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The Importance of Health Checks

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