The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Two tips for brides-to-be who are planning to have their teeth whitened before their wedding

by Roberta Craig

If you're a bride-to-be, arranging for your dentist to whiten your teeth before your wedding day is a great way to ensure that you look healthy and beautiful when you get married. If this is something that you are planning to do, you should keep the following advice in mind.

Take your wedding-day cosmetic choices into consideration when deciding what shade you want.

When you go for a consultation at your local dental clinic, the dentist will ask how many shades lighter you want your teeth to be. Based on your answer, they will then mix up a customised solution of bleach to achieve the level of whiteness you have requested.

Before you make your decision, you should think carefully about the type of cosmetics you plan to use on your wedding day, as some of them could have an impact on how white your teeth look.

For example, if you are quite pale and intend to wear fake tan on your face and body on your wedding day, you should bear in mind that having tanned skin can make your teeth appear whiter than they normally do.

Likewise, wearing red or pink lipstick that has a bluish undertone can also create the illusion of whiter teeth.

As such, if you plan to wear fake tan or use the aforementioned lipstick, then it may be best to ask your dentist to only whiten your teeth one or two shades, rather than three or four.

If in this situation, if you lighten your teeth too much, there is a chance that, in combination with your fake tan or lipstick, your teeth may end up looking unnaturally and noticeably white, rather than healthy and bright.

Get it done at least two weeks before your wedding.

You should try to have your dentist perform the teeth whitening treatment about two weeks before your wedding day. The reason for this is as follows; due to the potency of the bleach that will be used by your dentist during this process, there is a chance that you may experience heightened tooth sensitivity for a little while after undergoing the treatment.

This sensitivity may result in you feeling pain every time you eat sweet, cold or hot foods. As such, if you get your dentist to whiten your teeth just a few days before your nuptials, you may end up struggling to enjoy the delicious foods and wedding cake that will be served at the event.

Getting this treatment done a couple of weeks prior to your wedding will mean that any tooth sensitivity you experience post-treatment will almost certainly have resolved itself by the time you walk down the aisle.


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The Importance of Health Checks

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