The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Dental Emergencies That Require an Emergency Dentist

by Roberta Craig

There are times when you may have a dental issue and wonder if it is enough to go to an emergency dentist. You may not know if an emergency dentist could see you for your issue. If this sounds like a concern you have, then you may want to consider the following dental issues. These are common dental emergencies and what you need to know before going to see an emergency dentist near you. 


You may not know what an avulsion actually is when you see it in writing, but you probably have felt it. This may even be the dental emergency you are having. This situation occurs when the tooth is totally removed from the socket, but is intact enough to possibly be replaced, saving the tooth. The reason this is considered a dental emergency is because if you work quickly enough and get to the dentist, you can save the tooth and have it surgically replaced into the socket. If this type of issue is left for too long without treatment, you will lose the tooth and have to have an artificial or replacement tooth put in. 


A cavity is a common dental issue that may or may not present as dental emergencies. If you have a cavity that is presenting quickly and with pain, you may have more than just the cavity to worry about. An exposed nerve could be present. You can also have debris or portions of the tooth broken into the cavity. When you lose a filling, you have an exposed cavity that can also present with pain. These are considered dental emergencies, and you should go to the emergency dentist quickly. 


You may be under the misconception that all dental injuries result in dental trauma. What dental trauma actually refers to is the damage to a tooth, the jaw, the gums or any structure holding the tooth in place. This can range from a chipped or broken tooth to a cut on the gum that can cause the tooth to be loose. The trauma can result in serious dental pain, issues and possible infection if not seen to quickly and properly. For this reason, you should seek an emergency dentist if you have experienced any dental trauma leading to pain or a break in the tooth or gum. 

If you are having one of these emergencies, or know someone who is, call your local emergency dentist. They can let you know their emergency hours. They can also see you to determine if you need to wait until the following business day or if an immediate need is present. Pricing questions and questions related to treatment can also be answered at the time of the visit. 


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The Importance of Health Checks

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