The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Important Things to Note Regarding Digital Eyestrain

by Roberta Craig

The digital age has brought about unsurpassed convenience. From being able to access your bank account directly from your phone to keeping in touch with people continents away, accessibility to the internet has changed the world. However, with the convenience that this digital era has brought about, people are now experiencing some drawbacks. One of the common issues that individuals are developing is digital eyestrain.

Also referred to computer vision syndrome, this problem stems from the constant use of screens. From being in front of a laptop all day at work to spending hours on your tablet, smartphone or television, there has been a rise in eyestrain and other symptoms affecting the body. Read on for a few things that you should know about digital eyestrain.

What brings about digital eyestrain?

As above mentioned, digital eyestrain stems from excessive time in front of a screen. But what about these screens causes the strain in the first place? When you keep your eyes focused on one fixed position, your eye muscles start to overexert themselves. The more hours spent on screens, the worse the condition becomes. Moreover, individuals that are already afflicted with a vision disorder, for example, myopia, will aggravate the pre-existing eye problem. Hence, their vision will deteriorate at a faster rate, even while they use their spectacles while focusing on the screens. Furthermore, additional factors such as poor lighting and glare from the screen will aggravate the eyestrain.

What are the symptoms of digital eyestrain?

Digital eyestrain will not occur overnight. Therefore, it is crucial for everybody that uses screens on a regular basis to be aware of the symptoms of this condition developing. One of the first signs that you will notice is recurring headaches, particularly at the end of the day. These headaches come about when the muscles surrounding your eyes are tense, causing pain in your head that will go away once you rest your eyes. A second symptom that you should be wary of is the onset of dry eyes. The longer you expose your eyes to screens, the less lubrication they receive. Resultantly, your eyes feel irritated, and your vision could be blurry.

How is digital eyestrain treated?

The first thing you need to do is have an optometrist diagnose the digital eyestrain. Once they establish you are afflicted with this condition, your optometrist may prescribe specialised spectacles that you should wear when using a screen. Depending on the severity of the digital eyestrain, your optometrist may even prescribe vision therapy to restore the movement of your eyes. 

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