The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Guidance for Dealing With a Hamstring Strain

by Roberta Craig

Many people suffer from hamstring problems when they play sports. It is something that is associated with sprinters, but you can strain your hamstring with virtually any sporting activity which places your upper legs under strain. Professional sports physiotherapy may be essential for you to recover fully if you have damaged your hamstring severely. However, lighter strains – which often feel more like twinges – can be dealt with yourself. Of course, if you have already suffered from a strain on your hamstring and are now feeling the telltale signs of that injury returning, then seeking out sports physiotherapy to help you is highly advisable. That said, what can you do to help yourself in the meantime?

Don't Place Your Leg Under Stress

If you feel twinges or popping high up in your leg, close to your buttocks, then take the strain off as soon as you can. Hamstrings can sometimes heal quite rapidly if you simply rest up for a while and avoid putting weight on the affected limb. However, if your pain persists or you feel that you couldn't put weight on it even if you tried, then see a doctor or a sports physiotherapist without delay. In some cases, you'll be issued crutches to help you offer the hamstring as much relief as possible until it improves.

Cool Your Leg Down

Placing an ice pack on your hamstring is something that many sports physiotherapists would recommend. This should help to reduce swelling and speed up your recovery rate. Nevertheless, this will only work if you continue to apply cooling ice for a few days, at least. One ice pack applied for about half an hour every four hours is about right.

Keep Your Leg Raised

If you are sitting down or in bed, then it is a good idea to raise the injured leg a little. Place your heel and Achilles tendon on a cushion so that the blood flow to the limb is lessened. It is also a good excuse to not get up and have people help you around the home, too!

Wear an Elasticated Bandage

It is a good idea to get professional advice before doing so, but many people with hamstring strains will benefit from compressing their injury. Elasticated bandages designed for the upper leg are widely available and often used for this purpose. Again, the idea is to minimise the amount of swelling you will suffer from during the recovery phase.


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The Importance of Health Checks

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