The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Two Useful Men's Health Tips

by Roberta Craig

There are a lot of things that men can do to stave off serious diseases and stay healthy. Here are a few specific health tips that you or the men in your life might be interested in.

Men should try to be methodical and realistic when it comes to doing testicular examinations on themselves

Men's health specialists often advise men to examine their own testicles regularly to check for any changes in the firmness, size or appearance of their testes that might point to a health problem (such as testicular cancer, epididymal cysts, etc.). However, it is important for men who heed this advice to do so carefully.

First and foremost, they must be methodical when doing these self-examinations. They should, for instance, do them regularly (such as on a monthly basis) and write down anything unusual that they notice (for example, they may note that their testes' seem firmer, that a small lump has become bigger or that they are experiencing testicular swelling). Doing this regularly and writing down their findings after each examination will mean that if they go to a men's health specialist with concerns about their testes, their doctor will be able to see exactly when a new symptom appeared and how quickly it progressed.

Conversely, if a man does these self-exams sporadically and doesn't bother to write down their findings, it will be very difficult for him to tell if certain lumps or other physical characteristics are newly-formed or if they have been there for a while or to work out when exactly an unusual symptom started to occur.

It is also important for men to recognise the limitations of self-examination. If they are not a doctor, they may underestimate how serious a new symptom is (for example, they might not realise that the slight numbness in one of their testicles could be a sign of testicular cancer or that the tenderness and swelling in their testes could be a sign that they have an STI that has caused epididymitis). As such, men should use do these self-examinations in addition to having annual testicular exams performed by their doctor.

Men should not ignore the signs of low testosterone

Testosterone plays an important role in a man's general health; it influences everything from their muscle mass and libido to the way in which their body distributes fat. Testicular trauma and radiotherapy are just a couple of the many things that can lower a man's testosterone levels to an unhealthy level. If a man begins to notice symptoms that are indicative of low testosterone (such as unexplained loss of muscle mass, fatigue or erectile dysfunction), he should not put on a brave face and ignore these issues, as doing so could reduce his quality of life quite dramatically.

Instead, he should seek advice from a doctor who specialises in men's health. This doctor may be able to prescribe testosterone or may offer specific advice on how this man can naturally boost his body's testosterone levels (such as by taking a zinc supplement). 

Visit a men's health care centre for more information. 


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The Importance of Health Checks

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