The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

Three Different Services That Demonstrate How Broad A Medical Centre's Scope Is

by Roberta Craig

Medical centres are popular places for a whole range of people looking for a solution to their medical conditions, illnesses, injuries and so on. No two medical centres are alike, but more often than not you can find a broad range of similar services across multiple sites. In addition to common services and specialists, you can also find individual medical centres with very different facilities that can take care of more niche needs. If you are wondering why you might opt to go to a medical centre over just your normal GP, then here are three different services that illustrate just how broad a range of care you can get in one place at a medical centre.

Immediate X-Rays

If you have a suspected broken bone, then you will almost always need to get an x-ray done to confirm or deny this diagnosis. If you go to a regular GP first, they will almost always send you on your way to a medical centre that is equipped with an x-ray machine. Instead, why not go to a GP at a medical centre who can get your x-ray done in the same building within an hour or so, sometimes with an even shorter wait? For any sort of broken or injured bones, a medical centre is the first stop you should make.

COVID Vaccinations

You don't need to spend hours waiting in line at one of the major vaccination hubs in Australia. Almost all medical centres are fully equipped to disperse your vaccinations, with both Astra Zeneca and Pfizer options available, depending only on what you are eligible for. You will need to book ahead so they have the correct dosage there on the day for all patients, but otherwise it is very simple to go and get vaccinated at a medical centre, and it is a lot less dramatic and crowded too.

Physio Support

Many older Australians and those who are rehabilitating an injury have to visit a physio on a very regular basis to get their musculoskeletal system checked out and to make sure they are on the right track. A physio can also help with targeted muscle manipulation and give great advice on how to live a more comfortable life with the current ailments that you have. If you think you should see a physio but don't know how to do this, then go to a GP at your medical centre and ask for a referral. They will be happy to provide the connection to a physio in the building. 

Contact a local medical centre to learn more.


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The Importance of Health Checks

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