The Importance of Health Checks

The Importance of Health Checks

  • Three Reasons To Consider Personal Care For A Parent With Parkinson's Disease

    It is estimated that 13,500 new cases of Parkinson's Disease will be diagnosed in Australia in 2018. Parkinson's disease can leave sufferers dealing with tremors, slow movements, rigid muscles, and a tendency to fall. If your parent has been diagnosed with Parkinson's this year, you likely want to make sure your parent receives the care they need to help them get through each day. If your parent doesn't want to leave their current home, personal in-home health care is an option that might be attractive to your family.

  • Care Tips for Adult Patients Wearing Dental Braces

    Orthodontists are dental professionals that specialise in the treatment of a number of dental deformities, including crooked teeth, poor bites, protruded teeth and crowded teeth. Orthodontic appliances are often provided to improve the appearance as well as functionality of the teeth. Dental braces are usually the most common type of orthodontic appliances used to straighten or move teeth during orthodontic treatment. Knowing how to take proper care of dental braces is critical to ensuring quick and effective recovery for patients wearing the appliances.

  • Two tips for those starting a new fitness routine

    If you intend to establish a fitness routine, here are a few tips which should help you to do so in a sensible and healthy manner. Understand the importance of a pre-workout warm-up Many exercise novices make the mistake of failing to perform a proper warm-up before they start their workouts. This can significantly increase their risk of sustaining an injury. A five-to-ten minute warm-up session will elevate both your respiratory and heart rates, and in doing so, will increase the flow of blood through your body, helping to deliver vital nutrients and oxygen to the muscles that you will be using during your workout.

  • 3 Important Tips for Buying Prescription Eyeglasses

    Good eyesight is vital to maintaining quality of life, which is why it's important to see a qualified optometrist if your vision is failing. Your eyesight can be corrected through the use of visual aids like contact lenses or prescription lenses/eyeglasses. It's important to remember that eyesight continues to deteriorate based on factors like age, illness and environmental exposure. This is why timely intervention is necessary to slow down the rate of this deterioration.

  • What Should I Wear To Physiotherapy?

    Starting a course of physiotherapy can seem a little daunting, particularly if you feel like you aren't sure what you expect. One of the questions most frequently asked by new physio patients is "What should I wear to my appointments?" You want to find something that will be both comfortable and practical, after all--and there are a few physio-specific concerns. Wear Something You Can Move In Easily. You don't necessarily need to wear sports clothes; most physiotherapy is relatively gentle, and even if you're working the affected area pretty hard, you're unlikely to find yourself doing much heavy cardio.

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The Importance of Health Checks

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